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Our customer, and in one of his production facilities, wants to optimize the performance of a FANUC robot that depalletizes the finished product received on a tray, to be subsequently fed to a new palletizing line with the appropriate configuration for each order of each customer.

The milestone of this project is that this part was a bottleneck in the production chain, and that minimizing the stops of the installation to make the changes, it has achieved an improvement in cycle times and therefore in productivity, based on having optimized the management of the trajectories/orientations, the improvement of the way of collecting and depalletizing the product, reducing the speed and the number of total movements of the robot, all this reprogramming the application again.


Functionalities, characteristics and ADVANTAGES:

In the unstacking recipe manager system (definable from an HMI and a PLC), the recipes contain in a simple way the definition of depalletization collects, reporting the following advantages:

  • The movements are optimized (Trajectories, waiting points).
  • Product positions, reported using artificial vision, are processed in an intelligent way:

Taking into a count the position points returned by the camera, the distance between suckers and their size, the height and width of the products, is the system that processes this information and determines how to make the most optimal collection of the products, being able to (Case of collection of up to 4 products):

    • It can collect all at once.
    • It can collect one by one making small displacements.
    • It can collect one, displace, collect 2, displace and collect the last one.

That is, the intelligence of the program dynamically adjusts the movements to be made, based on the locations reported by the vision camera, therefore, always optimizing the times and cycles and movements of the robot.

  • The installation supports different pick up and drop off orientations.
  • Measures are implemented to minimize operator interventions. For example, if a failure is detected in the collection of one of the products (a sucker), the robot leaves the product well collected in the exit area, re-inspects through vision the condition of the pallet and continues depalletizing without the operator intervention.
  • Supports depalletizing of trays with product received in several layers. These layers are not always equal and homogeneous, so it must be automatically adapted to what arrives on palletizing, in addition to managing the product and its material differences (brightness that affects vision).
  • Regarding the capture of the morphology of the mosaic received for palletizing, and to obtain the best results, several vision shots are made according to different capture profiles (light intensity, exposure times, etc.), subsequently combining the results in the more correct way.


Used technologies:

  • 6 axis robot for depalletizing. Suckers with vacuum control.
  • Process PLC, master of automation.
  • HMI/SCADA of operation of the manufacturing cell.
  • Artificial vision.

We will happy to study your application of palletizing/depalletizing using robot and offer you our best solution.


INISA, for your depalletizings using robots

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