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Supervision and record in Data Base, with traceability in a Steel Mill

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Fusion furnaces, refining furnaces, continuous casting, refrigeration … processes. All of them associated with the castings done in a steel mill and which have to be registered in real time on a Common Data Base for the access from any computer of the plant or from outside…

set of “apps” developed by INISA AUTOMATION, which appropriately configured, allow communicating each computer that is going to access to the data end to its functionalities, as:

- To associate to the castings energetic parameters as the power consumed, production times, stop incidences, additives

Used, spectrometers test, representative variable trending …


- To communicate simultaneously the 9 PLCs of the plant made by different manufacturer with some of the owner protocols
- The centralization of the information in Data Base, with very short data actualization times
- To design a configurable system for each of the computers which access to the information will be multiuser, with different access levels and execution permission of the modules and applicative.
- Filtration and report of the information safeguarded, with diary and automatic production reports by e-mail.


- The customers don´t need any user license for the execution of the programs.
- It is only necessary an Ethernet or WIFI communication card.
- Developed in VB NET.
- Excellent relation cost versus obtained information.

INISA, Automating with logic...

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