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Availability increase of the machine in the double head feed

Written by Super User. Posted in NEWS.

The automation improvement that our final customer demands consist on allowing the work of a machine with only one head when it is originally designed to work with two heads, and with an optimized sequence of work. Therefore, it is a complex work regarding its PLC programming, but it allows very fast work cycles, in the order of 25 for minute. 

The reasoning of the customer is that if one of the head damages, the feed is cancelled, solving it with a B plan like feeding with only one head and putting the broken down head aside.


- To study the complete engineering of a project (electric planes, PLC programming, SCADA), which originally wasn’t done by us.

- To make the necessary software modifications in PLC and SCADA.

- To make the commissioning successfully abroad, in … 6 HOURS!

INISA, automating all over the world...

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