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Dynamic control of the orders for a heating furnace

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The goal is to assign the already parameterized orders of temperature and pressure to the 3 zones of the heating furnace, depending on the status of production, that is, if it is on short / medium / long stop, at the disposal of production or already in production.


Depending on the pre-established rules in the configuration, the PLC automatically sets the current production status (Based on the furnace´s tracking, rhythm and the situation of the products on the furnace).

With this, it is made the transition between states until it reaches the defined working temperatures, and allows the exit arrangement of the product of the furnace for the processing in production.


1. The reduction of energy costs (Gas, oxygen)

2. Avoids mistakes in setting orders, unifying the production criteria among all operators of a duty.

INISA, automating with logic...
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