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Test Benches Project Manager

Written by Super User. Posted in NEWS.


CUSTOMER: from the industrial sector of capital goods manufacturer.

INSTALLATION: Test benches project manager.

MILESTONE: To configure a flexible system of test trial projects´ definition of equipment that is manufactured or is going to be manufactured in the future.

SOLUTION: The PC system has some configuration screens that allow the definition of a project entirely, taking into account:

  • Project´s characteristics depending on the customer who is directed to.
  • Definition of the values “PASS/ NO PASS” for each step of the trial (pressures, times, Hysteresis loops ...).
  • SQL container of production historical for each produced piece and its test steps (Tracking).
  • Information filtering for AFTER SALES attention in the maintenance service.

ADVANTAGES: With the Test Bench, our customer gets the needed flexibility to configure the different tests to be done on sales time and the supply of series of production equipment to their future customers, NOT having the necessity of programming the automation PLCs, so saving costs on future projects that have to be tested.


INISA, creating value in automation processes and obtaining excellent ROI (Return on investment).
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