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Vacuum degasification system

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CUSTOMER: Steel fusion furnace producer.

INSTALLATION: Vacuum degasification system.

TECHNICAL SOLUTION: Steel vacuum degasification appear because of the need to obtain calm steel with low levels of H2, eliminating in this way long thermal treatments and thus avoiding the appearance of flakes or fissures.

INISA undertakes the set up of the system in the parts concerning to the control of the vacuum bell, sample-taker, threat injection, additives, sleeves filter sequence and consigns to vacuum pumps groups, therefore, it is the “command centre” of all the involved system of the automation process.

There is a monitoring on real time of the variables of all of this, using the latest version of SIEMENS Wincc. For the control, it is used a S7400 PLC with stations decentralization and frequency drivers (SINAMICS) in PROFINET.

The installation is working at full capacity from its installation.

INISA, experience setting up solutions with PROFINET bus.

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