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Duo Reversible Boxes Automation

Written by Super User. Posted in NEWS.

With the process specifications defined by the CUSTOMER, which is a hot rolled product manufacturer, the automation of DUO REVERSIBLE boxes on its installations is undertaken.

TECHNICAL SOLUTION: We handle the programming and the set up of the passes logic, according to the criteria and Know How of the manufacturer.

The global system defines from Level 2 the rough down criteria and configuration values of the involved drivers (speed, number of passes, guides positioning and others). Such information is communicated to a S7400 PLC, which in turn transmits the instructions to all the drivers of DC and AC motors (via Profibus). The variables are monitored on the chosen SCADA, communicating to the decentralized stations.

The installation is operational and in process of continuous improvement.

INISA, we adapt to your automation's design.

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