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The project that we are responsible must be done in the las version of TIA PORTAL and includes:

  • 90 Profinet networked computer equipment, controlled by a 1517F CPU (1500 series).
  • 18 SEW closed loop servo drives.
  • 50 G150C inverters, managed and set-up with STARTDRIVE.
  • 13 absolute encoders corresponding to as many axes controlled in position.
  • 1 measuring rule for 6 axes controlled in position.
  • 2 SIEMENS touch panels, projected with Wincc Professional.
  • All decentralization in various electrical boxes.

In addition to the PLC, panel, servos and inverters programming, it is also done the set-up off all this at destination.

The result is a broad knowledge and intensive use of the programming and set-up tools of the TIA PORTAL platform, which leaves us ready to undertake future projects.


TIA PORTAL and INISA, a good team.

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