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Ecosystem with Robot + PLC SIEMENS 300/400 or 12XX/15XX + Android. Interconnection under control

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The goal is to add a Smartphone/Tablet with Android operating system for the control and the visualization of the status of an application that uses PLCs and a robot.

From the Android device (Tablet or Smartphone) and with a specific app, the movements of the robot are controlled by a series 1200F security Siemens PLC, programmed with TIA Portal V13.

As a demo, a sketch is drawn on the touch tablet that the robot (Kuka in this case) repeats on its panel. All created by INISA in the departments of Automation and Control, Industrial Computing and Robotics.

The advantages and possible uses are many:

  • Communications from Android devices to PLCs series 12xx/15xx (TIA Portal) or series 300/400 (Step7 Classic).
  • Communications from Android devices to robots (they can be other brands).
  • The teaching of the path-points of a robot in a plane.
  • The use of common user devices (Tablets/Smartphones) for the control and/or information of the applications (breakdowns, production, etc.).


INISA, reliable Automation and Robotics.

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