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Robots and Humans in collaboration. KUKA Safe Operation.

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The functionality of this implantation of INISA is to ensure the access to 2 common machine zones for both, the operator and the robot.

Defined two zones with world coordinates, the application supervises constantly the position of the robot, guaranteeing the safety of the operator.

The SAFE OPERATION is employed in the palletizing in two zones, when the operator enters to replace the discharge basket.

Once activated, and in case of invading the safe areas, the robot activates the brakes and forces the worker to move the robot manually.

The SAFE package checks from time to time the grip and the brakes of the axle, moving a few degrees on each side and slowing down quickly.

In addition, it is positioned in defined coordinates ensuring its real position.


In implantations with KUKA Safe Operation, INISA, One Step Forward.

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