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Box former automation

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MILESTONE: sequence control and up to 13 servos synchronism programming for the realization of cardboard boxes, that by its folding and gluing they can contain products in Kit, filled by another part of the line and using KUKA robots for the automation.

All this with the time parameters necessarily adjusted to meet the expected cadence in the project, adjusting the functioning grapcets and the equipment (SEW servomotors) for their maximum performance.

From the technical point of view, INISA makes the programming of PLCs and control equipment, the SCADA, the automated functioning by recipes, the preliminary acceptance tests and the final set-up at the destination.

The experience of INISA as an Engineering in this type of processes has been determining in the choice of our client, in a habitual relationship of confidence based on the successes achieved jointly in the projects carried out.


INISA, an alliance for your processes automation.

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