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Filling and closing boxes line automation

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Our mission is the programming and set-up of a filling boxes line with the necessary pieces to obtain a complete kit, which is later assembled and mounted by the end user who buys it.

For the required functionalities, they are necessary among others KUKA robots, process PLCs, artificial vision, material codification printers, line management SCADA and MES software with level 2 connection to the plant.

INISA as an engineering, is chosen for the development of the project concerning the KUKA robots of the filling stations, the intercommunication to/from the PLCs and different devices of other suppliers, PLCs programming and in general the automated flow of the pieces from the start to the end of the line.

The project is being implemented by several of our engineers, developing the process grapcets, the Scadas, the programming and the set-up of the servos and robots. A project of this magnitude needs them.

Finally, after the preliminary operational tests and the acceptance of the line, it will be mounted at the final destination for automated production.


INISA, adding value to its automations.

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