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Production data management in a manufacturing plant

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CUSTOMER: Packaging solution producer.




SERVICES: Advice, supply and installation of a capture and data management system in plant.

What is needed is to identify the necessary and existing production variables in the plcs already in the plant to be able to access to its variables bidirectionally (reading and writing) using a browser, interacting in this way with their information from higher-level systems.

This will allow knowing the production and the productivity of the plant, managing appropriate operational decisions according to the reality of the processes and their performance.

The actions to be carried out by INISA are:

  • The design of the industrial communication infrastructure of the plant.
  • The centralized communication of the necessary process variables.
  • The visualization in BYOD or production plant devices, with access levels (PCs, tablets, mobile phones).
  • Communication to BBDD of the information for its register and future treatment by the IT department of the company.
  • The implementation and tests of all of that.

PLC AND FIELD BUSES: Siemens S7 300/400, S7 1500, Profinet, Profibus.

With this, this company and INISA begin the initial journey towards Industry 4.0, knowing really valid production data on an automatized way, which allows decision-making in production.

The used system allows the simultaneous acquisition of information from several PLCs of the plant, from different manufacturers and protocols, being scalable in the future with new installations.


INISA, your partner in plant data management and Industry 4.0

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