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Inisa with Lagun Onak

Written by Super User. Posted in NEWS.

We have been contributing our bit to the football team of our town, the Lagun Onak, for several years.

Collective sports require companionship, motivation, sacrifice, discipline and fighting spirit to achieve the objectives set. This is reflected in the practise of sports and we see that our company and sports share the same values.

We set the objectives, since it is essential to know where we want to go. With effort and teamwork, accompanied by discipline and daily work, we make it possible to achieve them.

Since we start working as INISA, our mission is to accomplish the complete satisfaction of our customers with our services, offering the really needed solution. Our receipt is teamwork and perseverance, as well as the talent and people that make success possible.

The secret in sports and companies is to work hard, and the key is the passion.


INISA, passion for what we do

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