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Advanced recipe manager in Wincc, Client/Server (SQL + Excel)

Written by Super User. Posted in NEWS.

Objective: Our customer, capital goods manufacturer, commissioned us to create a receipt manager with the following functionalities:

  • Safeguard of data in SQL, market standard.
  • Backup/restore of Data Base in Excel.
  • Integrated in Wincc platform, in Server and several client architecture.
  • Recipes parametrization changes’ log (user identification and changes made).
  • Machine parameter definition system through tabs that can be connected to several process PLCs, expandable and reusable.

Milestone: INISA must perform the operational tests of the functionalities in its facilities, simulating with 3 process PLCs, a Wincc server and 2 clients of this. The set is delivered to the manufacturer for manufacturing tests and testing in real production. All the development is carried out between our customer and the Industrial Computing Department of INISA.

Functionalities and characteristics:

The configuration of the variables to be manage by the recipe system is done in Excel, standard tool. Here the names of the variables, their type, their valid limits, location in the PLC, their descriptive text in several languages, comparison ranges of admissible values, user units, etc. are defined.

The programming in Wincc, reads the file and generates the needed structure to manage SQL data bases and its exportation and importation of backups.

During the implementation phase of the installation in destination, variables can be added to the recipe manager, modifying the Excel and using them in user screens for its exploitation and communication.

Recipe manager functionalities are typical, create new, copy as, edit, save, search by text, send and receive from PLC (Teach IN), all with SQL support on disk. The backups and restores are done in Excel format, which allows its revision with other tools.

The whole system of presentation to the user for the edition/visualization of the recipes is created graphically using a tab and sub-tap system, which facilitates to the operator the management of machine parameters (in this case about 400) clearly and effectively.

In addition, it is a functional requirement, a parametrization change control in the recipes, making a logging of the moment in which the change of some parameters is made, previous and new values, user that performs it, … This information can then be displayed on the screen with the necessary criteria, facilitating its tracing.

It is important to note that the project is designed with the aim of being expandable and reusable in future projects.


INISA, in your Industrial Computing processes

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