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Barcode in the recipe management (Automotive)

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Our customer, capital goods manufacturer, instructs us to develop a selection system for de codification of recipes using barcode, which facilitates the operating obtaining a completely effective change of recipe with the following advantages:

  • The operator, at the food of the machine, reads the barcode present in the piece that will be used in the following work.
  • The system searches within the repository of recipes for the appropriate recipe and loads automatically the correct parametrization, without errors that could occur if data entry is manual.
  • The selection of the following recipe to be processed is speed up. Only one reading with the reading gun. 0 errors.
  • Integrated in the SIEMES Wincc Flexible platform, in the machine control panel. Usable in other devices.
  • Simple reading solution with wireless reading device, of long-term recharge.

Functionalities and features:

Possible errors in the selection of the piece to be used for the next work in a facility (next recipe to work) could make it work abnormally, with the consequent damage to both equipment and perhaps to people. If the parameters of the new job are correct, the installation works without errors.

This system makes that a person who is the responsible of the definition of recipes parametrize them and that the workers, using the reading gun, read the code attached to the piece to be loaded on the machine. In this way there is no possibility of error in the process.

INISA in the performance on the necessary engineering, has selected the coding to be used, the appropriate reader, the programming of the application and the tests of the complete solution, with is delivered to the customer for its utilization.


  • Core reading wireless gun.
  • Codification given by the customer of the pieces to be read. Code maker programs are delivered to facilitate it.
  • Panel PC / Computer with the recipe system that will be loaded by machine.
  • Process video-description for the machine operator.


INISA, product coding and tracking in the Industry

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