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4.0 Industry: Energy and production management in production facility (Capital Goods Sector)

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Our customer, Capital Goods manufacturer, and in a line that is already installed and in production, wants to register and analyse information relative to energetic consumption, reached pieces production and other plant parameters, that allow future decisions for the optimal exploitation. Both, from the point of view of the line manufacturer (Hours of use of the different sub machines, spare parts management, load percentage respect to the nominal, etc.) as well as the point of view of the production/productivity achieved. All this in order to optimize and offer better installations and services to its customers in the future.

Engineering services using Stäubli robots

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Offered services:

Inisa Automation, in its constant research for a better service to our customers, has added to its portfolio of robotics services the possibility to develop and implement engineering projects with robots from the Stäubli brand.

Barcode in the recipe management (Automotive)

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Our customer, capital goods manufacturer, instructs us to develop a selection system for de codification of recipes using barcode, which facilitates the operating obtaining a completely effective change of recipe with the following advantages:

  • The operator, at the food of the machine, reads the barcode present in the piece that will be used in the following work.
  • The system searches within the repository of recipes for the appropriate recipe and loads automatically the correct parametrization, without errors that could occur if data entry is manual.
  • The selection of the following recipe to be processed is speed up. Only one reading with the reading gun. 0 errors.
  • Integrated in the SIEMES Wincc Flexible platform, in the machine control panel. Usable in other devices.
  • Simple reading solution with wireless reading device, of long-term recharge.

MQTT industrial communication protocol between different productive networks, open and flexible

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MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport) is a lightweight Machine to Machine (M2M) communication protocol that is used in Industry 4.0 and IoT applications environments.

It is an open standard (ISO / IEC PRF 20922) and it is based on the publication-subscription pattern. It works on the top of the TCP/IP stack. Its main objective is to exchange messages between clients and a server (Agent-Broker). Clients can decide for themselves if a message is important to them, depending on the topics to which they have subscribed.

Advanced recipe manager in Wincc, Client/Server (SQL + Excel)

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Objective: Our customer, capital goods manufacturer, commissioned us to create a receipt manager with the following functionalities:

  • Safeguard of data in SQL, market standard.
  • Backup/restore of Data Base in Excel.
  • Integrated in Wincc platform, in Server and several client architecture.
  • Recipes parametrization changes’ log (user identification and changes made).
  • Machine parameter definition system through tabs that can be connected to several process PLCs, expandable and reusable.

Milestone: INISA must perform the operational tests of the functionalities in its facilities, simulating with 3 process PLCs, a Wincc server and 2 clients of this. The set is delivered to the manufacturer for manufacturing tests and testing in real production. All the development is carried out between our customer and the Industrial Computing Department of INISA.

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