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Updating communications to Ethernet in S7 PLCs network



Our customer, and in one of his production facilities, wants to modernize the communications of a roll printing machine for the food sector. The conversion of ETH communications that were previously carried out through the BNC network by more modern ones with RJ45 cable is proposed, according to current standards.

The machine consists of a SIEMENS S7400 master PLC, with a CP443 communications card as the main network and 13 slave stations communicated to it.


Optimization in a robotic depalletizing cell



Our customer, and in one of his production facilities, wants to optimize the performance of a FANUC robot that depalletizes the finished product received on a tray, to be subsequently fed to a new palletizing line with the appropriate configuration for each order of each customer.

The milestone of this project is that this part was a bottleneck in the production chain, and that minimizing the stops of the installation to make the changes, it has achieved an improvement in cycle times and therefore in productivity, based on having optimized the management of the trajectories/orientations, the improvement of the way of collecting and depalletizing the product, reducing the speed and the number of total movements of the robot, all this reprogramming the application again.


Diagnosis, certification and safety adequacy (Royal Decree 1215/1997) of a press in production



Our client entrust us the adaptation of an existing and operating press, for compliance with the regulation under Royal Decree RD1215, increasing and modernizing the security measures of a press in production.

After the implementation of the measures proposed and validated measures by a competent third party on security, the result is a great reduction of the possibility of accidents and the increment of safety in the use of the press by the operators, maintaining the production and creating safe protocols in work processes.


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