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BOSCH REXROTH servo drives on rotary table in robotic cell



Our customer entrust us the adaptation of a table in the exit of a press, servo driven with a BOSCH REXROTH brand driver, with precise control of the positioning of the reception of the product and its presentation to a palletizing robot. All with optimized and product orientated work dynamic.


Automotive press feeder with nine synchronized axis (Siemens Simotion D455-2)



To feed a hot stamping press with the pieces from two heating furnaces using a feeder that has three arms, each one witg three axes (9 axes in total), synchronized to a virtual axis, following a path defined in a flexible way by the operator. For this, we have Siemens Sinamics servos connected via ProfiNet IRT (isochronous real time) network to a Siemens Simotion D455-2 controller.

The result is a feeder of great reliability and repeatability in catching points, trajectory and left, ensuring the quality of the stamping of the pieces, maintaining the necessary cadence. Besides the flexibility that provides the fact that the operator can modify or define new trajectories on demand.


Kuka Robot in a smart palletizing line



Our client, in one of its production facilities, wants to optimize the performance of a Kuka robot for the collection of finished product from a tray and its subsequent palletizing, increasing the number of collected products on each extraction (from 4 to 6 suction pads), and the speed and the functionalities of the palletizing by programming the PLCs, Robot and SCADA.

The result is a great improvement in productivity, which allows, after optimizing the management of the trajectories/orientations, to avoid the singularities of the axes, to improve the way of collecting and palletizing the product, to reduce the working speed of the robot but paradoxically gain cycle times, all due to the "intelligence" created in the programming. This means more mechanical life of the robot with greater cycle performance, increasing production.         


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