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Axle test bench for machine tool manufacturer

Objective: The programming and the commissioning of a test bench for testing the mechanical axles that will be installed in machines that will be sold to customers, validating its correct mechanical construction and observing the fulfilment of the objectives of precision and resolution required in its design.

Milestone: INISA must deliver the set for the validation tests in 2 weeks from the first contact with the customer.

INISA supplies the axis control electric equipment (Motion axis) in the electric cabinet, which consists of an axis governed by drivers and SIEMENS control units (S120), connected to a Siemens PLC in Profinet and at the same time to a PC for the definition and capture of trial data.

The customer programs the test to be performed between 5 different types of tests, defining the position advances (0.1 microns), the speed, and the axis stabilization times, according to a pattern of operation of successive advances and setbacks, all configurable.

During the execution of the test, a specific software created by INISA to the effect, is the responsible for recording the information of the variables to be observed in the test, such us speed and position slogans, as well as speed regarding, positions and axis consumption, all with a capture interval for each record of 2 milliseconds.

The recorded data is saved without more limit than the capacity of the hard disc, so that later the can be used by the customer with information graphing tools, such us Excel, MathLab, and even give visibility to the tests leaving the data on a cloud platform.

This work is currently in the validation phase of time and functionalities, not dismissing its future update to greater output.


INISA, the programming and the set-up of servo axes (Motion axis)

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