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4.0 Industry: Energy and production management in production facility (Capital Goods Sector)



Our customer, Capital Goods manufacturer, and in a line that is already installed and in production, wants to register and analyse information relative to energetic consumption, reached pieces production and other plant parameters, that allow future decisions for the optimal exploitation. Both, from the point of view of the line manufacturer (Hours of use of the different sub machines, spare parts management, load percentage respect to the nominal, etc.) as well as the point of view of the production/productivity achieved. All this in order to optimize and offer better installations and services to its customers in the future.


Functionalities and features:

Functions that collect, adapt and centralize the data so that they can be send to the cloud are added to the programming of the PLC of the line, using a reading system that make them available for later exploitation.

These functions are adaptable to the PLCs that are in the plant; in this case, they are SIEMENS s7400, so they are applicable to other facilities that are currently in production.

INISA in the performance of the necessary engineering has made the programming of the application and the testing of the solution, which is delivered to the customer for its use.

In this case, the Automation elements modified include:

  • Adaptation of the parametrization of SIEMENS speed shifters to send the information to the PLC by field bus (Profinet).
  • Modifications in the current HMI for the inclusion of the inspection of the data recorded (Wincc Flexible in TIA Portal).
  • Reprogramming and test as a whole in the office. The final data capture solution (including its initial testing) has been completed in 6 hours.

Currently the application reports the data that have been estimated as interesting to a cloud platform for its later exploitation through its informative control panel, accessible from different media (PC, mobile, tablet).


  • Installed on the current process PLCs. Protocols, such as MQTT for example, can be added for the publication of data with broker.
  • Previous development of the application in the office. The stoppage time of the installation for the adaptation is minimized.
  • PC/HMI panel with instant visualization of data in registry.
  • Time Stamp of the set of data and accessibility to the registered information.


INISA, in I4.0 projects

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