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BOSCH REXROTH servo drives on rotary table in robotic cell



Our customer entrust us the adaptation of a table in the exit of a press, servo driven with a BOSCH REXROTH brand driver, with precise control of the positioning of the reception of the product and its presentation to a palletizing robot. All with optimized and product orientated work dynamic.


Functionalities and ADVANTAGES:

  • Integration of the axis in the PLC of cell control, via Profinet. Positioning orders and parametrization of positions is performed from the PLC (TIA Portal SIEMENS).
  • Implementation of the solution safely, within the manufacturing cell.
  • Inisa expands its portfolio and experience of servos with another manufacturer of control equipment for servo drives (BOSCH REXROTH).


Technologies and implemented processes:

  • SIEMENS safety PLC
  • BOSCH REXROTH servo drives + IndraDrive
  • Commissioning without stopping current production 


INISA, also with BOSCH REXROTH servos

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