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With our client, and in the pursuit of the quality of their products supplied with "zero defects", we undertake a project for the regular testing of the products that come out of a forming press, specifically regarding the differences and therefore the weight tolerances that would be admitted for a well-manufactured product.

Production environment in which the weighing system is located:

The KUKA robot, collects several products from the press outlet table and deposits them in a unitary manner on another intermediate weighing table/scale, recording the weights and comparing the tolerances, according to the recipe being prepared.

The inadmissible products are indicated to the operator and are rejected from the production chain, generating a communication to the Level 2 SCADA in its DB, to take the necessary corrective measures, and therefore avoid product rejections after its supply.

Functionalities, characteristics and ADVANTAGES:

In the stacking recipe managing system (definable from an HMI and a PLC):

  • The periodicity with which the weighing is carried out in each batch extracted from the press. In addition, the operator has the possibility to request a weighing at any time.
  • After weighing result, the robot can dispose the product automatically o ask for confirmation from the operator.
  • The robot and the PLC protect the load cells from the table, avoiding their overpressure, caused by a faulty parametrization in the recipe or by the presence of bricks on the table when they should not exist.
  • The result of all weighing is uploaded to the DB at Level 2 of the plant for later consultation or analysis.
  • The palletizing robot, weighing system and robotic cell control PLC are coordinated to carry out the weighing of the pressed products, all of them integrated and managed by INISA.

The milestone of this project is the inclusion of a weighing system interspersed in the production and palletizing of products from a press, with all of it running, and minimizing stops for its installation.

Used technologies:

  • 6 axis Robot for Palletizing. Suction cups with vacuum control.
  • Process PLC, automation master.
  • HMI/SCADA operation of the manufacturing cell.
  • Fieldbus weighing system (Profinet).


We will be happy to study your palletizing/depalletizing and/or robot weighing application and to offer you our best solution.

INISA, for robot manipulation.

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