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To create a digital platform (Web Server) that provides a personalized solution to companies and thus have the information thy consider relevant to their processes, accessible at any time, from any place and device (Anytime / Anywhere / Any Device Concept), segmented for each category of factory staff that should receive and analyse it.

These functionalities are being used by our clients, providing a great value in making production decisions, managing and improving their processes, by knowing their production and creating events in a 24h/7days scheme.

This is a modular solution, which shares agents’ common services and functionalities (Software programs) between different clients, obtaining important cost reductions in the implementations and in the maintaining and improvements that can be applied in the future.

Customer solution and steps for implementation:

The solution includes the recording of production data, the sending of emails with production events, filtered reports of consumption, Plant status (DashBoard), all accessible through a web server, in 2 simple steps:

Company: Identify the information you want to have accessible and the people for whom it would be intended. Establish the necessary reports (Scheduled in a defined and configurable frequency). Define the events that cause mails emissions with alarm events, production carried out, etc. to the recipient persons.

INISA: Study the information sources of the necessary data (PLC, Production signal, etc.) that are in the factory. See the need for implantation of the capture agent and the equipment available in the factory to have the communication. Reserve the structure in PCs / virtual machines / cloud that could be outside the company (Less maintenance) and provide the specific web server solution adapted to the client's requirements, taking advantage of the common coding for all services (Maintenance of the DB, Mqtt reads, user / role configuration, protection of external access to the server) etc.

The elements for this implementation:

  • A data capture agent in plant (DATASOURCES-> Service created by INISA). It is responsible for communicating process PLCs and upload to cloud (MQTT) the necessary information. A fanless PC (or other) or a virtual machine on the client’s server, with access=communication to different PLCs (Siemens, Omron, OPC UA…). There are defined all process variables thet must be reported o changed by configuration. This agent can be connected to several PLCs and handle the variables of all of them.
  • A MQTT agent, which would be the messaging server = bridge between the DATA SOURCES agent and the different agents that will subsequently process the information.
  • And finally, a series of services to exploit the information communicated or received, creating databases with the information and configuration records, and the web server that makes the described functionalities possible, such as mailing with factory events, production and consumption, etc., to which customers and users connect from their devices, through the web browser of their device.

Functionalities, characteristics and ADVANTAGES:

  • Reuse of agent improvements for clients. A functional improvement is implemented in the client module, changing only that part. Reduction of implementation costs in the solutions of all clients.
  • Instant availability of changes or improvements for users, without reinstalling software on their devices. They only need the web browser.
  • Plant information 24h/7days. Implementation solution in cloud platforms, local machines, etc.
  • Machine situation Dashboard (Plant Status) and mailings with events. Events and consumptions registration, with customizable filters for each solution.

We will be happy to study your application for capturing information in the plant. Call us without obligation to provide you with our best solution.

INISA, your plant information integrator.

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