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“INISA AUTOMATION the engineering with experience e and know-how ”

  • Tecnosoft creation

    The engineering was founded with the intention of providing Automation solutions and innovative techniques in the “how to do” of programming and development of existing PLC to machine manufacturers.

    This objective is carried out with experienced engineers and continuous training, values that persist currently.

  • SIECO, S.L. purchase

    SIECO’s acquisition complements and extends the diversity of customers and suppliers, being a company of electronic control solutions for industry, taking advantage of synergies.

  • INISA creation

    It is the new investment in the future, which seeks human and productive resource reorganization, better and more efficient, in completely new facilities, more spacious and better equipped where improve our main value, quality service to our customers.

  • The constitution of the Robotics Department

    Robotics department is created. The revolution that is coming, "Industry 4.0", drive us to complement the services offered, extending and diversifying them. 

    INISA,  automating all in one.


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