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In INISA we are involved in the fourth industrial revolution “Industry 4.0”, since one of its basic principle is the connexion between the machines, tools and systems, to maximize the efficiency and allow giving a fast and flexible answer that link the production means with the customers demand.

In this sense, robotics play an important role and that is why we offer the service of industrial robots programing in diverse business sectors. For this, we have an experienced programmers team used to integrate robots from leading manufacturers (Kuka, ABB,…).

Depending on customer needs we deal with different activities, carrying out all or some of the following activities: the design of the process or the machine to automate, implementation, set-up in destiny and maintenance.

To incorporate automation and robotic solutions involve significant benefits as: the optimization of industrial processes by improving their performance, the reduction of times and costs and the increasing of the reliability. With all that, we increase significantly the competitiveness of our customer.

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