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Products and technologies


We are specialists in the programming and development of applications using the following tools:



Serial communication converter interface of protocols RS232 / RS485 / RS422 and 20 MA current loop.

Allow connection between equipment of leading manufacturers of PLCs and inverters (SIEMENS, TEE and others) than use these buses.

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A single equipment allows:

To programme one or more PLC Omron / SIEMENS S7 200 / Telemecanica from one PC.

To programme a S5 serial PLC or any S5 card via current loop interface.

Make network connections between equipment in RS422 or RS485, without the necessity of signal autocommutation (RTS, CTS) (Micromaster, Twido, etc.).

1 axis position control

Electronic engineering and manufacturing of one controller for the positioning of one axis motor.

With 8 opto-isolated inputs, 8 galvanically isolated outputs, one analogical input for speed control, +/- 10v output control speed to the inverter , 2 encoder inputs, one display and a keyboard of intercommunication for the position and speed control of one motor axis.

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Cyclic rollers positioning.

Flying shears.

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