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Iron and steel

Automation Engineering in several iron and steel plants as:
  • Refrigeration control and production data collection in steelworks (3 furnaces, Refining furnace, continuous casting …)
  • Automation of a production plant of lamination of steel flat bars …

Renewable energy

Big companies of renewable energy sector trust on us for the development of software solutions for the design, programming and validation tests of the functionality of wind turbines, using decentralised networks as INTERBUS and PHOENIX CONTACT PLCs. We have test benches for the testing of hydraulic groups and others used for the exploitation of solar energy.


Design and implantation in collaboration with machine manufacturers for the aeronautic sector, and in that way you are safe. Our programming is in charge of the control of processes in machines as:

Capital goods

Machinery manufacturers are a large part of our principal customers. With them and for them, we have had the opportunity to develop and innovate in automation processes that control the machines of their fabrication.


Turnkey engineering, as:
  • Automation and control of the installation of a mill and transportation to a line of silos.
  • Automation, control and maintenance of mixture installations for the alimentation of refractory fabrication presses used in iron and steel industry furnaces.
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