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One millisecond test bench


Carry out the engineering and supply of a Test Bench for the measurement of process times of up to 2560 input signals, synchronized to a control signal for the beginning of the Test.

INISA selects the appropriate platform (PLC) for reading the input signals and the control signals, so that they can be read with a resolution of 1 millisecond, reporting at the end of the test the times that have occurred for all signals.

In addition, the product must be connected to the customer’s electronic boards, which are the generators of events by connectivity to the effect, so that its interconnection with them is easy.

This is a modular solution, which starts with 512 input signals and can be expanded to 2500 inputs, always maintaining the same 1ms resolution in recording signals. The hole set is complemented with a computer application that makes the reports and documents the entire test, communicating to our PLC (Third-party supply).

IT 4.0 Web Server



To create a digital platform (Web Server) that provides a personalized solution to companies and thus have the information thy consider relevant to their processes, accessible at any time, from any place and device (Anytime / Anywhere / Any Device Concept), segmented for each category of factory staff that should receive and analyse it.

These functionalities are being used by our clients, providing a great value in making production decisions, managing and improving their processes, by knowing their production and creating events in a 24h/7days scheme.

This is a modular solution, which shares agents’ common services and functionalities (Software programs) between different clients, obtaining important cost reductions in the implementations and in the maintaining and improvements that can be applied in the future.

Weighing control at press exit



With our client, and in the pursuit of the quality of their products supplied with "zero defects", we undertake a project for the regular testing of the products that come out of a forming press, specifically regarding the differences and therefore the weight tolerances that would be admitted for a well-manufactured product.

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